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Client testimonials

"Victoria was open to any question and answered all thoughtfully"

"I appreciated the time to mentally prepare. It is beneficial doing prenatal classes with your spouse and setting time after to discuss together"

"I enjoyed being able to ask questions from someone who has a medical background. I found it very comforting"

"I can't recommend this course enough. I don't know how people prepare without this information. I feel more confident, excited, and prepared than I thought possible. "

"Feeling that you have more control over the process is empowering and confidence building"

"I found the personal details very comforting and the classes increased my confidence"

"The instructor was fun, knowledgable, and kind. I feel more confident to help my wife and baby"

"I learned that birth and parenting is different for everyone, but there are ways to be prepared"

"I liked the birth story videos, discussions & asking questions" 

"I feel more confident for my up-coming c-section"

"It was helpful talking about breastfeeding and trying out the positions to help with labour. I really appreciated working one on one!"

"I'm glad to have had you. I feel much more equipped for the process in its entirety"

"I enjoyed all the topics, especially those relating to personal experiences. I feel like I actually know what to expect and how to prepare - I would recommend this course to anyone!"

"I appreciated how you were willing to answer all our questions without us feeling insecure. All the knowledge was helpful and i feel a lot less apprehensive or worried."

"As a guy I especially found the information on medication and postpartum to be very useful!"

Would love to hear from you! Please e-mail Victoria if you have questions or feedback you'd like to share.

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