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Prenatal Classes

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Why BRAVE START Prenatal Classes?

As a community health nurse I have had hundreds of families share with me their birth experiences - what worked well, what didn't, what they wish they knew, and what they'd do differently. Sometimes prenatal classes do a great job of preparing you for labour, but spend less time teaching about postpartum changes once the baby is born. My prenatal classes have been carefully created to provide you with all the information that I believe you need to feel confident in your pregnancy, labour and delivery, and postpartum period, as well as information about breastfeeding.


The ideal time to attend prenatal classes is around 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, so be sure to book early enough to secure a spot!

Topics Covered in Prenatal Classes

  • Caring for yourself during pregnancy (nutrition, sleep, exercise and coping)

  • Stages and signs of labour

  •  Preparing for the birth experience (positions, natural pain relief, breathing techniques)

  • Making informed decisions about medical procedures and interventions       

  • Postpartum recovery, adjustment, and family transition

  •       Infant care, common concerns, and brain development

  • Breastfeeding tips and tricks       

Class Size

Brave Start for Families is intentional about keeping group class sizes small

(maximum 4-5 couples) to ensure you have the best experience possible.


If you can't find a group class that works for your schedule, you might want to consider booking a private class

Cancellation Policy

I understand that sometimes things in life come up unexpectedly that prevent you from attending a class. I am unable to provide replacement classes for group classes missed but will connect with you to ensure you get the resources you need. There are no refunds for a missed class. If you have a private class booked but need to cancel, please try to contact me 24-hours before re-schedule.

Postpartum classes are currently in the works! Classes will include opportunities to build connections with other parents, while learning about common parenting concerns including infant sleep, infant feeding, and postpartum emotions.

Postpartum Classes

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Class Offerings & Pricing

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Group Prenatal Class

$250 / couple

  • Evening Classes: 4 weeks (2.5 hours / week)

  • Group Classes are on Tuesday evenings at the Olds Pregnancy Care Center

    • November 7 - 28, 2023

    • January 9 - 30, 2024

    • March 5-26, 2024

  • More classes can be added as needed

Register soon to ensure your spot!

Click here to see what clients are saying about their group class experience!


Private Prenatal Class

$275 / couple

  • One on one experience in your own home

  • 3 sessions (3 hours each) - you can choose a combination of evenings, Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoons

  • Classes can be individualized to your situation, and you can pick the dates and times that fit into your schedule best

  • Please know that a mileage cost (0.50 per km) will be added for addresses more than 20km from the town of Olds or Didbsury

Expecting couple

Refresher Prenatal Class

$125 / couple

  • One on one experience in your own home

  • 1 session (3 hours) - you can choose from an evening, Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon

  • Includes information on sibling preparation and adjustment

  • Class can be individualized to your situation, and you can pick the date and time that fits into your schedule best

Clients may be able receive reimbursement from their insurance company for attending a prenatal class taught by a health professional. Receipts will be provided.


How to Register

The best way to register for a class is to email by filling out the form below.

I will respond within 48 hours.

Email Me!

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